What’s With The Mermaids?

So, by now you’re probably wondering what on earth mermaids have to do with anything I’m talking about.

This story goes back to our honeymoon in beautiful Fiji, at our stunning resort. I didn’t know before jumping into wedded bliss that my husband is a rather active sleeper.

Yes, this meant that our honeymoon was full of surprises. I was yelled at, awoken suddenly, and even headbutted once – all by my peacefully sleeping husband (I’m getting to the mermaids, I promise!).

One particular night that sticks out in my memory is probably the only time that I’ve remembered something that my husband said in his wild dreams – and that’s because I laughed so much that I stayed up all night just so I could tell him about it the next morning.

There we are, peacefully sleeping, and all of a sudden I hear (in a deep, sexy voice)…”So…you like mermaids?”

That was the moment that I realised…married life was going to be so much more of an adventure than I had imagined!


8 thoughts on “What’s With The Mermaids?”

  1. Oh my goodness- I think we’re living parallel lives. My husband does the same thing…. And I didn’t know until we were married! Never a dull moment 😉 Love the blog!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! you never told me that and it’s one of the most hilarious things ever!!!!!!!

  3. That is HILARIOUS! You and your husband sound like so much fun! I found you from the comment you left on my blog and Im adding you to my RSS feed as I speak, dont want to miss out on anything going on around here!

  4. This is a funny story! Amazing how or should I say where our inspiration can come from……even from sleep talkers! Thank you for the follow and stopping in to Simply Charming! Looking forward in reading your adventures.

  5. Huh…he would have had me at dragons, lol. 🙂

  6. Hahahahaha! WARNING: this blog may cause unexpected and loud bursts of laughter.

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