I read an article this week on mamamia.com.au about an interesting idea called the  Anti-Bucket List…things you’ve done that you NEVER want to do again.

And in the last few weeks, I’ve added a few things to that list, all in the name of living a full life. WARNING: some of the following may be hilarious and/or disgusting.

1. Being woken in the middle of the night as your husband sings ‘Happy Birthday’…Marilyn Monroe-style. 

I am not kidding. As inconvenient as it is to be woken at 4.29am, at least I had a good belly laugh before I went back to sleep.

For those who have never heard this version of Happy Birthday, it goes something like this…just try to imagine a grown man singing it. In his sleep. I dare you not to laugh!


2. Staying in a haunted hotel.

I am also not kidding. You know when you’re in trouble when you Google directions to your accommodation and the third result is ‘Paranormal Ghost Tours Australia’.

It was also Friday the 13th. And I was in a room of my own. With an exterior bathroom. Needless to say, I was probably borderline dehydrated. And next time a work conference says they have accommodation booked, I will CHECK AND BOOK MY OWN!

3. Buying a broken piano and then pulling it apart to fix it.

Okay, this one I have done before…but I was about 8 and my dad did all the fixing. This time, it was my husband doing the fixing while muttering words like ‘if you bought a car would you test drive it first to see if it worked?!’.

Thankfully, the piano is fixed and I am back to making (sometimes beautiful?) music.

4. Having a dog that needs its anal glands ‘evacuated’.

I don’t even want to talk about this one. Gross.

Have you ever had experiences that you could put on your anti-bucket list?