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Newlywed life can be filled with a lot of ‘firsts’ – right from our first married kiss, to our first house, our first move, our first dog…and our first fire.

Yes, this has happened. Just to top off a stressful weekend of bridal shower preparation and hosting (yes, I’ve jumped back on the bridesmaid bandwagon! Sucker for punishment, I say…) – which, incidentally, turned out amazingly!

Our high tea table setting – isn’t it fabulous?

But I digress. The bridal shower was over, I had just about finished returning our little love nest to its usually pristine state (mainly kept that way to keep Husband Dearest happy). This follows a night of cleaning on Friday night pre-bridal shower…one can gather by now that I am rather over cleaning.

Trying to be a nice friend, I invite the bride and her fiancee over for lunch after church on Sunday – despite wanting nothing more than to collapse in a heap in my clean house. It was all going well – the men were outside BBQing and the bride and I were standing in the hallway talking about the success of the bridal shower.

All of a sudden, I smell smoke. Lots of it. Apparently our smoke alarm wasn’t worried by this (note to self, get a new smoke alarm!). The bride and I rush into the kitchen and open the oven – and a huge plume of smoke comes out. I immediately switch off the oven and rush around closing doors, trying to minimise the smoke smell in the other rooms of the house.

The bride is standing in the kitchen, I rush back in…and all of a sudden there are actual flames in my oven. Uh-oh.

Husband to the rescue – he is a wonderful firefighter! All of a sudden that fire extinguisher that I thought we really didn’t need to buy is the most wonderful thing on earth.

And when it was all said and done, this is what my poor oven (and the garlic bread that we never did eat!) looked like.

The aftermath…

Post-mortem analysis reveals that somehow the grill was turned on (and for the record, I am new to the whole housewife thing but EVEN I KNOW not to grill with the oven door closed!) but the grill led to the flames. Consequently. I have ZERO trust in my oven’s ability to not repeat this malfunction again and refuse to cook in it. Will have to talk to the landlords about that one!

So there you have it, the story of our first fire (or as my fantastic sister may call it, a human-machine systems failure). I don’t even want to discuss the cleanup effort (it turns out that powder fire extinguishers disperse large amounts of powder – which ends up everywhere. My house is now double-pristine!

Here’s to hoping our first fire is our last…