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I wish our bed was this big... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week (or was it the week before already?!), the Husband and I moved house. Again. This makes four times in the year since we walked down the aisle – don’t even get me started on how good at moving we are! I see a cardboard box and my left eye begins to twitch…but all things being equal, this move shall be our last for a few years.

Amid the chaos of moving, we were reminded of something else that has happened far too many times during our eleven months and nine days of marriage – get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about sleepless nights.

As anyone who knows my husband would know, without a solid eight to ten hours of sleep a night, he transforms into something like the undead zombies you would see in a trashy horror movie – the lights are on, but nobody’s home. He gets irritable and cranky (as opposed to me without sleep – I just get hyper!).

Unfortunately for both of us, after the magic of our wedding and honeymoon had passed, we figured out that we really don’t do well when it comes to sharing the bed. I’m talking his elbow regularly connecting with my temple, and my knees regularly connecting with the middle of his back (or front!). Husband has always slept on a queen bed by himself, and loooves to stretch out (and is incredibly set in his ways at the ripe old age of 21!). While I’m not a stretcher myself, I really don’t love sleeping on 10cm of mattress space.

Not an ideal situation for sleep junkies like us – instead of a peaceful night’s sleep, we’d wake up almost more exhausted than when we went to bed. And I won’t even start on the sleep talking…

We tried every solution we could think of. Changing from the hand-me-down bed we had to an older and firmer hand-me-down bed (no joy), Husband sleeping on the floor next to the bed and even in a separate room (I just felt lonely!), sleeping pills (with caution, of course) and even relaxing music playing all night long. Nothing worked, and we were still incredibly tired in the morning. A cranky husband and a hyper wifey – nobody was winning.

And then…(drumroll please)…

We decided to take the plunge. And ordered a memory foam mattress. Online.

And we bought king-size.

The first few nights I wasn’t sure we’d made the right decision…but after a week, I am completely and totally won over.Last night’s sleep was the best on the planet. This new bed is enormous, and I didn’t even feel Husband tossing, turning a

nd stretching. I felt like a new woman this morning!Now, when we told our parents and others that we bought a king-size bed, we heard some disapproval. Mainly because these older couples have slept on a queen-size bed together all their lives, and we’re so young to be going and splurging on a huge bed before we’ve celebrated our 22nd birthdays.

Who cares?!

We totally believe in living our lives to the fullest. I think there would be no worse feeling than to buy a king-size bed on my 50th birthday, and then have every night’s sleep disturbed by the memory of the last 30 years on an awful bed.

First world problems, I know. But this experience has taught me one thing – don’t waste the best years of your life only living queen-size…get out there and go king!