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Can I just say – one of the coolest perks of marriage is the fact that you get to work as a team…and that includes making a team income. Simple maths and economics dictates that it’s twice as good as if you were working, eating and living alone!

We are in the blessed and fortunate position of being DINKs (which means Dual Income, No Kids). With what we’ve got coming in, we should be able to save one income and live off the other – getting ourselves nicely on the way to owning a home (or, as my husband would have it, a boat, jetski, Dodge Nitro and then maybe a home…but I digress).

I’ve noticed lately that we haven’t been getting ahead as much as I thought. So this month, I’ve been keeping track of all those little expenses that crop up, hoping that I’d find something. And I did.

This month, so far…we’ve spent OVER $250 on takeaway food. Yep, look at the calendar…it is only just the 12th of the month. This compared to a grocery budget that rarely tops $300 for the entire month…doesn’t take a genius to work out where all our hard-earned cash is disappearing to!

So, a new plan. I know that going cold turkey would be the wise option, but there’s no way we’d actually do it. Instead, I’m aiming for only one meal out per weekend, plus our usual Saturday morning coffee with the family (only because we’re Coffee Club members and get buy one get one free deals!).

Think we can do it? Maybe we should just go camping next weekend and totally eliminate temptation…

Have you ever had an unexpected budget blowout?

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