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Sydney Harbour Bridge

So, wow. Busy month. Busy life! I can safely say that the last month has been almost a return to pre-marriage levels of busyness. The highlights:

– Finding a HOUSE! (well, husband’s parents buying a house that we will rent…) It’s lovely, just right for us, and will have a fresh coat of paint by the time we move in. Yay for answered prayers!

– A week-long business trip to Sydney – lots of fun, lots of new experiences, the funniest of which is when a roomful of old(er) men thought that I looked like I was 26. I’m not sure how to take this, actually.

– Actually keeping up with my 2012 Goals (well, the fitness part anyway). I’ve had a good run of frequent gym visits, inspired by Fitnessista’s blog (this post in particular!). I’ve lost 5.5kg – so take that, 10 Pound Challenge!

In new news, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and re-join our church’s music team, after a post-wedding hiatus. This means that I will officially nominate Tuesday night as Slow Cooker Night as I rush to get home from work, feed husband, and make it to practice without any food on myself. I’m loving the 365 days of Slow Cooking blog as inspiration – I think just one night a week is enough for me though!

Also, one of my dearest childhood friends (and a bridesmaid of mine) got engaged on the weekend – complete with fireworks and walks on the beach, all very romantic. I can’t believe it’s almost been a whole year since I was in wedding-planning mode! Guilty secret, I’m totally looking forward to helping out…because I kind of miss it.

<insert promises of more frequent postings here> No really, I’m serious. But for now it’s back to work!

What’s been going on in your life in the last few weeks?