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As part of my New Year’s Goals and commitment to fitness, I’ve actually been making an effort to get up and go to the gym most mornings (it’s not a pretty sight – I struggle with mornings). This is a huge deal for me!! (being a part of Newlyweds on a Budget’s 10 Pound Challenge has helped with the motivation factor also…)

So far, I’ve probably lost 2 kilograms (or about 4.5 pounds). This is good!

However, this week at the gym has had its trials! This morning, the whole gym (which is located in a shopping centre) was evacuated due to a fire alarm. At 6.30 a.m. The funniest part was – when the fire alarm started going off, all the massive gym junkies that are ALWAYS there didn’t even stop what they were doing! It took about 5 minutes of blaring alarms AND a lady walking around and looking everyone in the face and saying ‘you have to leave the gym now’ for the place to clear out.

Me? I kept walking on the treadmill along with the hard-core gym goers…I didn’t want to be the first one to leave!!

The other funny story from this week is partially my cousin’s fault. We go to the same gym (as I found out after I joined), and she invited me to come and train with her. I said yes, naively forgetting that this girl used to be a Boot Camp Instructor.

Oh Lord, my arms haven’t been the same since! She made me do things I didn’t know I could do…and the result is that since Wednesday, I have felt a little like the dinosaur in this video…

Ever tried to live your life without bending your arms past 90 degrees because you physically can’t?! It’s not easy.

At least I can still type!