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My husband cooked dinner last night. I am super amazed and just a little bit impressed…here’s what my darling whipped up!


Yes, he made spare ribs, quiche, and salad. And the quiche was from scratch! And it all tasted incredible.

How am I so lucky, you ask? I spent the night donating blood for the Red Cross…that was another story in itself! They had a terrible time trying to find where my veins were…the darn things were playing hard to get! So as a result, I may or may not look like a junkie this morning, with holes and bruises on both arms.


(the view from the donating chair…they have the cutest blankets! I need to get me some of those, can anyone lend me a grandma to make one?)

But overall, it was way better than last time hubby and I attempted to donate…that’s another story for another day! Let’s just say he did a good job in the kitchen and that was his contribution for the evening. 🙂

Has your husband/significant other ever surprised you with a sudden display of skill?