2012 Goals

I was writing an article for work when I came across this method of goal setting – it’s called 3-2-1 goals (from this website if anyone’s interested). Instead of making long, vague lists, you open a document and fill out the headings.

Here’s how mine turned out…I’d be interested to know what yours are!

3 greatest accomplishments (in 2011)

–       Graduating university with a double degree a year early

–       Marrying the love of my life (and moving house three times!)

–       Landing a fantastic job that is exactly the right fit for what I’ve studied

3 areas where I can improve

–       Be more focused at work – don’t get distracted so easily

–       Think before I speak – in all areas!

–       Put others ahead of myself (especially in marriage!)

3 personal goals

–       Lose 8 kgs and weigh 57 kgs at the end of 2012 – I will continue to watch my food intake with Weight Watchers, I will commit to going to the gym 3x a week in the morning before work.

–       Keep my life un-cluttered – give away things that I haven’t used in a year to minimise the pain of moving house again!

–       Form some great friendships with other couples that will be there for us – don’t just spend Friday and Saturday nights in front of the 50-inch plasma TV!

2 work-related goals

–       Earn (xx amount – can’t publish that!) for our business and publish the Build Your Life book.

–       Improve our advertising and image so that people have heard of us – use the book to boost our image locally.

2 things I need from my boss

–       Efficiency so that we can keep clients happy

–       Continued collaboration on the book and other efforts!

1 thing I am looking forward to in 2012

–       Seeing actual clients get actual results – being in a position to help people is just so rewarding!


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