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Boxes 1

Image by Skrewtape via Flickr (NOTE - this is NOT what my house looks like!!!)

Now, like most aspiring bloggers, upon starting this blog I promised myself that I’d update regularly. The last update? …more than two weeks ago.

But, life hasn’t stopped for Mr&MrsMermaid – we’ve been busy finding a house, of course! The biggest debate in all our house-hunting has been price vs. quality…and I think we’ve found a pretty happy medium.

We debated for a long time – unit or house? Being newlyweds, we really don’t need an entire house to ourselves. But also being newlyweds, we can’t say that we love the idea of having a neighbour in an adjoining unit…if you catch my drift *wink*. My dearest husband also has a lot of ‘man stuff’ (as I like to call it), which includes a bike, a boat, wakeboards, kneeboards, a whole bunch of tools, a whippersnipper, lawnmower and who knows what else!? This makes it hard to live in a unit – where shed storage space isn’t usually amazing. But I hate the idea of paying upwards of $300 a week for a 3-bedroom house in which we only use one bedroom!

Luckily, God was watching out for us…a friend of ours is living in a nice, new unit, and moving out this weekend – and guess who she recommended to the real estate agent as ideal new tenants! Needless to say, I’ve never signed rental papers so fast in my life…and for how much? Just $250 a week. Incidentally, we will be two houses down and across the street from our brother-in-law…who has lots of man-storage space!

The biggest problem (as most newlyweds would find) is figuring out how to move all our stuff. We moved in as single people, and in our six months at our current address, we’ve accumulated quite the number of new possessions (wedding presents, that bed that we just had to buy, the 50-inch plasma that we apparently couldn’t live without…), and now we have to move it all at once.

Being money-wise, we’ve decided to hire a ‘Move Yourself’ box trailer, which should make it easier to run back and forth across town moving our gear. The only minor issue is…we’ve only got the trailer for four hours. So by Saturday morning, everything MUST be packed up and ready to move.

That’s only a few short days away. And I’m already ruled out for tonight and tomorrow night…which means by Wednesday, I will have the grand total of ZERO boxes packed. And Wednesday is quite close to Saturday…

Not to mention, on the other end of moving is the unpacking, and I have a work conference the weekend after next!! No rest for the wicked…stay tuned to see how the moving mission goes!