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My Life in Boxes

Image by Mpopp via Flickr

At the bottom of the list of ‘things I like to hear at 8am in the morning’ would be our landlord telling us we have a few weeks to vacate our house. True story.

Now, I suppose it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. The house we’re living in has been up for sale for about 3 months now, but we weren’t expecting it to sell so quickly! I love our little house, and how we’ve made it a home, and I really wish we could afford to buy it (but then kind of not – I know it’s in a flood area and therefore isn’t a fantastic investment!)…I guess I’m emotionally attached to it though. It’s our first home – the home we set up together and have spent so many lovely days together in.

Now comes the painful process of finding a new house, dealing with real estate agents, moving all our stuff (ugh, I’m so sure that we have WAYYY more than when we moved in as single people!), and settling into a new location – not to mention changing addresses on everything! I’m fairly sure I just got through updating my last name EVERYWHERE…online billing and statements for the win?

I should stop complaining, at least we have a fairly decent length of time to find a new place – it’s not like we need to be out tomorrow!

Have you ever had to move when you didn’t want to?