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Fifty Billion Dollars

Image by ZeroOne via Flickr (fifty billion - I wish!)

True story – and I kept all of my clothes on!

I probably should explain. 

A while back, when I was unemployed, I saw a job advertisement for mystery shopping. Being a girl who loves to shop (and A-D-O-R-E-S finding a bargain!), the idea of being paid to shop seemed too good to be true. But it was true! 

The interview process wasn’t too hard, and a few days and a few phonecalls later, I found myself as an employee of a mystery shopping company! Exciting.

The slow part was actually waiting for jobs in my area to come around. Being a small, regional area probably didn’t help that situation! But then all of a sudden, local jobs started coming up. Even more exciting! I applied for them (and I’m guessing I must be the only one doing this around here!), and then got them all. 

So I knocked off two in my lunch break – it was like taking candy from a baby! So simple, and I had the reports completed before time was up and I had to return to my desk. 

Have you ever done mystery shopping? What are some other good ways to make a side income?