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Image by Images_of_Money via Flickr

So, I borrowed the idea for this post from Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks (even though it’s originally found here).

After starting to work at an accounting firm (not as an accountant! – me with numbers = scary), I’ve taken a bit of an interest in financial things. You are who you hang around, right? Then when I read this article, I wondered how we were doing on this list.

1. Plan ahead

Hmmm. So far, the extent of my planning ahead is ‘I think we’ll have to move sometime in the future when our house sells, but I have no idea where to’. I know we will need a new car soon, but we haven’t really done anything beyond looking. And as for kids – we only know that they are sometime FAR in our future! So as for planning, I don’t think we’re massive planners! Short-term, medium-term and long-term goals – nope. Not yet anyway 🙂

2. Live within your means.

This is a strong point of ours. We’re really blessed in that we have no debt, no credit cards, no mortgage, we own two cars, a boat and a bike, and we really have everything we need. We don’t overspend, and we’re trying (!) to live on one income and save one income. So far, so good.

3. Make saving a habit

This I kind of just mentioned – we are trying to save one income while living off the other one. We understand that we’re not going to move forward financially without having some money in the bank!

4. Pay off your credit cards.

Massive tick! 🙂 We’ve never had credit cards – and while we might go in that direction a bit later in life, at the moment we’re quite content living within our means. I’m super blessed with an amazing husband that sold his car (the only thing we would be paying off) before we got married so that we wouldn’t start a marriage in debt.

5. Start investing.

Well, we’ve talked about this…does it count? Ha. Again, we’re just trying to get some money behind us before we dive headfirst into this – but we will definitely have a tick on this one before the end of our twenties, that’s for sure!

So out of the first five, I don’t think we’re doing so bad. Stay tuned for part 2!!

P.S. – I decided to join WeightWatchers this week – a bit of an expense, but it will be worth it to be back to my pre-wedding weight by the end of the year! (55kg is the goal – let’s see how we go!)