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business call (2)

Everyone knows that it’s a massive pain to get on the phone to any sort of major service provider, whether it be to get a quote or to make an enquiry. I’m talking banks, insurance companies, telcos, and the like.

But in the last 24 hours, I’ve had some genuinely good customer service that just about blew my socks off (well, I don’t wear socks, but you get the point!).  This is also relevant to newlywed life…in that every newly married woman would understand the pain I’m going through right now – changing my last name!

Firstly, I gave the Commonwealth Bank a call. Banks are usually horrible to deal with on the phone – and since I was attempting to close an account, I wasn’t expecting them to be nice! Having said that, a lot of their PR focuses on being the best in customer service, so one would hope they could deliver.

With only a few minutes on hold, I spoke to a real person, who congratulated me on my marriage, closed my accounts and wished me all the best for the future. Not hard, but I leave the Commonwealth Bank with only good things to say.

Next, and this one really really amazed me – I was playing around with some insurance company websites, trying to check out contents insurance quotes. I looked at a couple, and the youi website in particular was driving me nuts – it just wouldn’t let me finish up with the quote! I had tried about three times and the browser just kept freezing up.

All of a sudden, my phone rings – and it’s a real live person from youi on the other end! (yes, I was a bit freaked out by this at first…but you did have to enter your mobile number at an early stage of the quote and consent to be contacted.) She was super lovely, told me that they’d noticed I kept trying with this particular quote, and took me through it over the phone. Again, simple – but really impressive. 

This story ends on a bit of a down note – we can’t get insurance because we live in a flood-prone area, boo. But, when we move in a few months, I’ll be sure to get in touch with youi again. Why is that? Because the real live person on the other end of the phone emailed me with a personal email address, name and direct contact number for her so that I could ring her direct when I need another quote.

Good quality customer service isn’t hard – but it’s priceless.

I won’t even really think about going to another insurer, because I was just SO IMPRESSED with the quality of service I received.

Have you had any really good (or bad!) customer service experiences? How has that affected your perception of the company?