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Image by lalunablanca via Flickr

I was reading an article today on Well Heeled Blog about debt being the ‘kiss of death’ for a relationship, and it got me thinking.

Thanks to one amazing Husband (and both of us having an aversion to credit cards!) we entered our marriage debt-free. There’s a story behind that, but Husband wouldn’t like me to share (it involves the tragic sale of a very sexy car)…so I won’t. Suffice to say, we (being mainly Husband!) made a few sacrifices to make a conscious decision to head into marriage with no debt tying us down.

That being said, we’re not all set up either. Both of us are still rather young, and next year will be the first full year that we’re both not studying. Being a student (or an apprentice!) doesn’t usually mean a steady stream of income. Add to that a wedding, honeymoon and setting up house, and we really don’t have too much to our name.

I am not complaining in any way at all! I love our lives just like they are, and thanks to the wonderful generosity of family and friends, we received pretty much everything we needed to start out (I kid you not, we ONLY bought a set of pots and pans – and they came with a free knife block – and then we were set!).

But looking forward, it’s a long long way until we have enough saved for a house, or even enough in an emergency fund to ward off life’s little surprises…

My question is, how long did it take YOU to be financially secure? Any hot tips for those of us who aren’t there just yet?